On this page you will find information on upcoming Wealth from Waste events, conferences and workshops. We also provide details of events related to Wealth from Waste research areas – including circular economy, industrial ecology, and metals waste management.  If you know of a related event that we haven’t already identified please let us know by contacting: wealthfromwaste@uts.edu.au

Wealth From Waste Events

November 2017

24 November 2017

Disruptive Innovation Festival: ‘Urban Mining’ and Discovering Wealth in Waste

If you missed out on the WFW breakfast at Powering the change to a circular economy conference, you can now see the highlights as part of the Disruptive Innovation Festival. Cluster researchers Ruth Lane (Monash), Damien Giurco (UTS), Melissa Edwards (UTS), Samantha Sharpe (UTS) and Glen Corder (UQ) will discuss what a circular economy for metals could look like in Australia and share key insights from the WFW cluster.

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16 November 2017

WFW breakfast at the Powering the change to a circular economy conference

Can we truly slow down the ‘take > make > dispose’ linear approaches for mined resources, and increasingly circulate these complex and valuable material flows? What role do Australia’s traditional metal and mineral industries have in this space? How do we leverage their depth and breadth of experience and know-how with these materials? These questions will be the focus of a Wealth from Waste breakfast, held on Day 2 of the Powering the change to a circular economy conference in Adelaide on November 16th.

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October 2016

03 October 2016

WfW Workshop on Urban Mining, Utilization of secondary metal resources in our society advancing Circular Economy

Australian and Japanese researchers have collaborated to host a workshop on urban mining of secondary metal resources. The event is a side event of the Ecobalance conference: Responsible Valuable Chains for Sustainability, held in Kyoto, Japan from 3-6 October 2016. Thanks to Kazuyo Matsubae from Tohuku University Japan for organising the workshop.

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August 2016

16 August 2016

UTS public lecture: Global Update on Circular Economy (16 Aug)

International expert, Dr Barbara Reck, from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (USA) is visiting UTS on the 16th August to share her insights on the global opportunity for a circular economy and the implications for Australia.

The circular economy concept focuses on maximising reuse and recycling while minimising raw materials extraction. Using the example of five major metals, this talk will discuss the current status for Australia and the global perspective. It will also present an outlook on the future demand for metals.

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November 2015

11 November 2015

Wealth from Waste webinar at Disruptive Innovation Festival

What are the opportunities to create wealth from waste by ‘mining’ metals from end-of-life products and industrial waste? As part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Disruptive Innovation Festival, Glen Corder from the Univeristy of Queensland will give a webinar called “Creating Wealth from Waste – Metals Contribution”. The webinar is available for viewing at the DIF website until December.


June 2015

01 June 2015

Upcoming conference: World Resources Forum Asia-Pacific 2015

Be part of seeing how future technology, innovative business models and policies can harness new value from resources, unlock prosperity and conquer the waste challenge.
Earlybird Registration (by 31st March 2015)
Abstract submission deadline: 30 November 2014
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December 2014

02 December 2014

Industrial Ecology Workshop: Shifting the Australian resources paradigm

The workshop is part of the research being undertaken in the Wealth from Waste Cluster (www.wealthfromwaste.net), funded by the CSIRO Flagship Collaboration Fund, supported by the Mineral Resources Flagship and Manufacturing Flagship. It follows on from the forum held with the Cluster launch in Sydney in March this year.


Other Events

September 2016

28 September 2016

ISIE Asia Pacific and Ecobalance conferences in Japan

Wealth from Waste researchers are presenting at the Joint conference of the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) 12th Socio-Economic Metabolism section conference and 5th Asia-Pacific conference at Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan (ISIE SEM-AP 2016) and the 12th Biennial International Conference on EcoBalance (EcoBalance 2016) in Kyoto, Japan.

February 2015

09 February 2015

CSIRO symposium: Sustainable metals recovery from electronic waste

CSIRO will be hosting a symposium on “Sustainable metals recovery from electronic waste” on the 9th and 10th of February at the Australian Minerals Research Centre in Perth. Cluster researchers Akbar Rhamdhani (SUT), Glen Corder (UQ) and Damien Giurco (UTS) will be speaking about cluster research, alongside researchers from CSIRO and other universities.

November 2015

12 November 2015

2015 Community Recycling Network Forum

Nick Florin from the University of Technology Sydney will be speaking on “Closing the Loop on Waste” at the Community Recycling Network Australia Forum, held from November 12-13 in Hobart, Tasmania. The forum is an annual gathering of community recyclers, waste industry professionals, and local government representatives who are passionate about supporting the growth of community recycling in Australia.


November 2014

17 November 2014

Industrial Ecology Conference in the Asia-Pacific Century (17-19 Nov 2014)

The joint 11th International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) Socio-Economic Metabolism section conference and the 4th ISIE Asia-Pacific conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia from Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 November 2014. The conference title is Industrial Ecology in the Asia-Pacific Century: Interdisciplinary science for building sustainable industrial systems and human settlements.


October 2014

20 October 2014

Disruptive Innovation Festival (20 October – 14 Nov 2014)

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation will stage the first Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) in 2014, bringing together thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, makers, learners and doers to catalyse system-level change for a future economy. Over four weeks using a mix of online and face-to-face events participants have an abundance of opportunities to explore the economy through a different lens.